New Zealand, SPCA need you.

SPCA are currently collecting donations to support all the animal welfare they provide New Zealand each year.

We were horrified to read the 2017 shame files that SPCA have been sharing on their SPCA New Zealand facebook page. Examples include a labrador which starved to death, a duck with its beak blown off with a firecracker, a horse left with a deformed and engorged eye, animals dumped across the country, and many other shocking cases of neglect and cruelty.

At Points for Purpose, we are committed to raising awareness and driving change for the causes you care about.

SPCA are not government funded so it means Kiwis need to step up and own the responsibility of change if we want our animals cared for. Let’s be the voice for these animals.

If you donated in the annual appeal, thank you. If not, you can use your Fly Buys points throughout the year to buy gifts that will make a direct difference to a fury or feathered friend in need. Head to our Give page to make a donation.

Finally, we’d appreciate you sharing this message with your friends and family to help us get New Zealand giving.

Thank you.

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